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” … she was a Godsend during this process”
February 2019

I first met Darlene Stinson about 6 months ago. My father was looking for a realtor to sell his house. As my dad and stepmom are elderly (85 & 82), I wanted to make sure they had someone who would help list and market the property effectively and then, hopefully, find a buyer at a fair price. As the proceeds of the house were going to be my dad’s primary source of retirement funds and I lived in another state,. I asked my dad and stepmom if I could be part of the process of “interviewing” realtors. We immediately felt comfortable with Darlene Stinson. She’s friendly, cordial, knowledgeable and most importantly…knew what was needed to effectively market and sell the house. She came prepared with market comparables, examples of marketing flyers and appeared to know the area well. We liked what she represented enough to list the house with her.

UNBELIEVABLE!!! That truly is the only word to describe the job Darlene did for my parents. Of course, she did what any realtor would do in terms of listing and showing the property. The “extras” were not expected. She helped stage the house for sale. She helped coordinate an estate sale as my parents were planning on downsizing and moving to an independent living facility. She helped coordinate moving companies and my parents personal appointments as friends help pack up the house. And last but not least, when the house closed she personally drove my parents from southern California to Sedona, AZ, in their car. She took a two hour shuttle to the Phoenix airport and flew back to Southern California. I can honestly say that she was a Godsend during this process. Can you think of any other realtor in America who would provide that level of service?

By the way, my parents received close to list price for their home. If you are considering hiring a realtor for your real estate needs, I could not more highly recommend Darlene Stinson. I’m confident you would be pleased with her service and professionalism.

Jay Beller

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